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Partner whith Societa' Verdenergia srl, ESCo

STEA Progetto is an ESCO company and for that operates in the energy sector, working as a sole entity and as a Verdenergia Srl partner. Verdenergia Srl is also an ESCO company, working as a public and private company in the Province of Padova in Italy. The partnership consists of a 3% capital ownership.

STEA Progetto is a Habitech member.

Habitech is the technological district for energy and environment created by the Autonomous province of Trento in Italy and recognised by the Italian Ministry for University and Research. It consists of a network of 300 companies focusing on exploiting sustainability to develop business opportunities and community improvements. It acts as a hub for the mobility of green buildings, energy and sustainability.
Habitech works in the trentino region developing projects, offering services for innovation, technical and or commercial support for enterprises in the sustainability sector.

The objectives are to:

- Act as a catalyst for green business development;
- Produce tangible benefits in the territory;
- Develop innovative technology adaptable to the market.

A member of Green Building Council Italia

With the company's focus on environental sustainability and energy saving, STEA Progetto is a member of Green Building Council Italia (GBC). GBC's members choose to be leaders in their own sector and concurrently follow GBC's guidelines to:

- Develop and offer high profile products and sustainable buildings;
- Offer a comprehensive portfolio of services which are responsive to the various requirements of the real estate market arising from the environmental policies. These services are of high quality fostering a continued growth of skills in the construction industry and simultaeneoulsy enhancing the performance criteria set out by LEED Italia;
- Promote the tangible and intangible benefits of the entire life cycle of green buildings, including the social, economic and environmental benefits;
- Promote the GBC Italia membership among the leaders and stakeholders in the public and private real estates sector;
- Develop tools and innovative support services for LEED products;
- Reinforce LEED as the standard of all green building activities in our homes and for non resisdential buildings consolidating the development in Italy and Europe;
- Introduce to the industrial sector the latest innovations;
- Support GBC Italy in its activities and the spreading of the LEED culture among citizens, businesses, public authorities of various levels to define and implement sustainability policies.

A member of the Casaclima Network section di Trento

The first step for energy saving is to design and view the building as a whole. To refine this view the company has become a member of the Casaclima Network section of Trento through one of its main partners Giulia Benatti. The CasaClima Network is a non-profit association aiming to:

- Collaborate on an ongoing basis with the CasaClima-KlimaHaus agency from the autonomous province of Bolzano in Italy, with building energy certifications;
- Promote through training and communication means the scopes for which CasaClima has been created and developed;
- Promote the knowledge of sustainable architecture, energy saving, climate and environment protection and renewable energies disclosing them through debates, publications, research as well as through the professional development schemes; - Collaborate with companies and organizations to solve problems arising from the certification of buildings;
- Broadly promote the issues related to energy saving among social groups, institutions and other scientific associations.

A member of Consortium Domoticon

STEA Progetto is a member of the Consortium Domoticon which aims to coordinate its members' activities and improve their productivity, innovation and efficiency. It does this acting as a service organization for the design, installation and maintenance of the technological systems such as home automation, energy saving and energy production systems.

Apart from this, the Consortium carries out plant safety and climate welfare consultations with trade associations, technical professionals and all trades related with energy saving schemes.