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In Italy the "Personal Data Protection Rights" are guaranteed in the "Code for the protection of personal data" "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali" (also known as the June 30 2003 decree, no. 196) which reads: "Everyone has the right to the protection of its own personal data".
This protection guarantees also the adoption of appropriate safety measures when dealing with privacy and personal data.
The right to privacy has large importance in the Italian standard called "Privay Act". It is to be clarified that the scope of the law is not to prevent the processing of data, but rather to prevent that from happening against the person's will. The Code, in practice, defines the method for data collection, the obligations of those who collect the data, hold the data and processes it; and the responsabilities and penalties in case of damage.


Article 13 of the Code specifies the need to inform the entity (singular person or legal) that you make use of their personal data and with what scope you do so underlining the limits of your rights. Article 13 is mandatory for all types of personal data processing and can be communicated in varios means such as in writing, telephone or orally.