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Our clients are from all building and community sectors ranging from healthcare to education through to commercial and residential. Our hydraulic services are also focused and specialized in the civil sector providing solutions for road water drainage, pumped sewerage reticulation, gas transport such as methane, propane and natural gas as well as liquefied petroleum gas.

- Audit
- Feasibility studies
- Preliminary and concept design
- Construction modelling and simulation
- Sustainable design
- Simulation and analysis of energy usage
- Schematic and detailed design documentation
- Construction services
- Post commissioning services



It is well understood that the building services component of any project represents a considerable factor in both the costing and the planning phases and so our vision is to provide our clients with a timely design, within the designated budget and incorporating the latest technology. Hand in hand with our vision, we believe that an optimal design solution is achieved when having a holistic approach of the entire building thereby creating spaces that have controllable conditions and provide the occupants with a balanced general wellbeing. Indeed, we believe that the building services control the operational efficiency and the overall quality of the building's environment.
For every project our focus is always on researching the latest technology, applying the creative thinking of all our team members, modeling various solutions and pursuing various alternatives to meet our clients' ambitions and satisfy their desires.
We provide building engineering services to a broad range of sectors; from community sectors, hospitals, commercial, residential to workplace and industrial sectors.



Our mechanical engineers focus to create balanced and controllable environments with heating and cooling systems providing high level of comfort and operational efficiency.
The mechanical engineering building services team has recognized experience in:

- Constant volume and variable air volume chilled and heating air conditioning systems
- Centralised conditioning systems
- Smoke hazard management systems
- Active and passive chilled beam air conditioning systems
- Thermal solar power systems - water and room heating
- Heat pumps - including air and geothermal heat pumps
- Radiant heat panel;



Our hydraulic engineers focus to design, as the rest of the building services team, responsive, advanced and sustainable hydraulic services.
The hydraulic engineering building services team has recognized experienced in:

- Site and infrastructure water supply
- Sanitary plumbing and drainage
- Site and infrastructure pumped sewerage
- Sanitary fixtures and fittings
- Vacuum plumbing;
- Greywater and blackwater reticulation
- Gas distribution systems
- Automatic fire sprinkler protection systems
- Fire suppression systems
- Fire detection systems
- Hydrant and hose reel systems;



We provide integrated electrical engineering services as part of our building services package. An integrated design consisting of efficient lighting, effective power distribution and extended use of natural and renewable energy sources will by all means reduce the project's environmental impact.
The electrical engineering building services team has recognized experience in:

- High and Low voltage reticulation and distribution
- Interior and exterior lighting systems
- Intelligent and controlled lighting systems
- Emergency and exit lighting systems
- Architectural lighting systems
- Emergency power supply systems - Uninterrupted Power Systems and standby generators
- Renewable power supply systems - micro wind, biomass, photovoltaic
- Communication systems;



Our architectural team engages in projects involving clients from diverse sectors such as private and public, commercial, community and government. Our architects design buildings bearing high efficiency and energy saving solutions, such that our clients can expect to have elegant design solutions that meet current standards, are technically competent and satisfy all expectations.
The architectural team have recognized experience in the following:

- Residential buildings with low environmental impact
- Public buildings
- Buildings with heritage importance
- Buildings with low energy consumption
- Advanced building physics and modeling
- Greening existing buildings
- Energy qualification of existing buildings
- Project management



STEA Progetto has extensive public road lighting design and construction experience. The activity is developed following closely the prerequisites and regulations outlined in the local regulatory road lighting rules. The client's objectives are identified and considered throughout the planning and design phases of the project. If it is a project for the lighting upgrade of an existing road, a site survey is carried out to identify the existing type and location of the luminaires. Then an integrated solution is formulated to meet the required lighting levels outlined in national standards specified by the Italian Organization for Standardization (UNI) whilst taking into consideration not only the construction but also the environmental factors. A draft design is prepared and presented at the local council for approval, from which then it is taken to the final construction phase.



STEA Progetto's workforce is composed of qualified professionals apt to carry out energy certifications of the architectural, building services or construction site components of any project.
The company's aim is to provide all of the necessary information such that the client becomes informed about the existing and recognized certifications out in the commercial and real estate markets.
The certifications which we work with are:

- CasaClima - entity operative in the autonomous province of Bolzano in Italy which carries out energy and environmental certifications for buildings and products
- Commercial certifications imposed by the autonomous province of Trento for the construction of public buildings
- Commercial certifications imposed by the local councils
- LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)



As well as providing electrical engineering building services, our electrical engineering capabilities allow us to work in the design of medium and low voltage installations for the civil and the industrial sectors.
In particular, STEA Progetto has experience in:

- Power distribution systems in flammable, public and high security areas.
- Renewable power generating systems - micro wind, biomass, biogas, photovoltaic, hydroelectric



STEA Progetto offers safety engineering services ensuring the correct level of safety. Safety engineering services are provided during the planning and execution phases of the projects for both the plant and civil sectors.